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Currently 75 players are online.
# Name Level Vocation
Dilma Roussef 90 None
Lady Rooker 95 None
Rooker Marolinha 126 None
Vulks Chaos 8 Druid
Pombo Obeso 9 Master Sorcerer
Seth Stormrage 58 Master Sorcerer
Routerboard 120 Master Sorcerer
Eminem 266 Elder Druid
Dreckz 170 Elder Druid
Shalnark 242 Elder Druid
Iron Olare 200 Elder Druid
Mallyx 202 Elder Druid
Teagace 113 Elder Druid
Sekke 7 Elder Druid
Pally Holly 239 Royal Paladin
Nataka 157 Royal Paladin
Bubu Special 118 Royal Paladin
Nim Buzz 268 Royal Paladin
Newla 109 Royal Paladin
Pastel Of The Queijo 218 Royal Paladin
Bruce Wayne 209 Royal Paladin
Silverstealth 170 Royal Paladin
Vulks Humildao 183 Royal Paladin
Dian 193 Royal Paladin
Abercrombie 282 Royal Paladin
Dara De Bolt 282 Royal Paladin
Vicious Red Dragon 200 Royal Paladin
Nova Era 177 Royal Paladin
Flamingos The Flame 282 Royal Paladin
Sir Fly 285 Royal Paladin
Muleque Solto 227 Royal Paladin
Pzlooking 226 Royal Paladin
Txii 197 Royal Paladin
Favelada Bucetuda 316 Royal Paladin
Bob Slovadona 156 Royal Paladin
Sujiro Kifuja 128 Royal Paladin
Truelovee 213 Royal Paladin
Paulinha 213 Royal Paladin
Potion Girl 165 Royal Paladin
Erza Scarlet 181 Elite Knight
Leon Owl 183 Elite Knight
Power Abuser 493 Elite Knight
Karai 60 Elite Knight
Lucifer Sam 169 Elite Knight
Bolososauro 182 Elite Knight
Kothe 256 Elite Knight
Cadete De Infantaria 212 Elite Knight
Kilmisterr 271 Elite Knight
Estrombelete De Forn 221 Elite Knight
Bunny 208 Elite Knight
Mato Bixos 251 Elite Knight
Mugo 108 Elite Knight
Senki 71 Elite Knight
Silimikais 299 Elite Knight
Faz Dindin 231 Elite Knight
Chico Bento 75 Elite Knight
Vulks 216 Elite Knight
Baruk 242 Elite Knight
Acid Sadnes 218 Elite Knight
Albrec 109 Elite Knight
Nykotsu 227 Elite Knight
Xis De 299 Elite Knight
Joana Machado 187 Elite Knight
Damiao 252 Elite Knight
Krukia 218 Elite Knight
Ferumbras Killer 194 Elite Knight
Lucyan Animal 180 Elite Knight
Geromito 242 Elite Knight
Bulldog 256 Elite Knight
Tenta Denovo 183 Elite Knight
Vulcano Russo 368 Elite Knight
Mr Murdock 272 Elite Knight
Lord Leakim 192 Elite Knight
Arieswar 296 Elite Knight
Knight De Papel 36 Elite Knight

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